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This is my film portfolio. Feel free to explore the rest of the site to see additional pieces as well as work in different mediums!


My name is Daniel Brenneman and I am a student at the University of Waterloo in the Global Business And Digital Arts program. I am a freelance filmmaker dedicated to sharing stories and engaging audiences.

I spend my free time creating content for YouTube as well as hosting a podcast. One day I hope to be a home owner.


Mennonite World Conference

This video was presented at the opening ceremonies of the Mennonite World Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was also streamed around the world... which is kind of insane. I worked with translators and conference members to shape the vision of the film, as it had to resonate with an international audience. This multi-cultural collaboration was the highlight of the experience. The video was so well-received, it was shown multiple times throughout the week.


On Set

The best part about film is how diverse it is. The process takes skills from different trades and creates a unified product. For example, I am creative and collaborative, with skills from a number of digital arts related fields. I love to solve problems and am excited to overcome obstacles and meet new challenges. Those are some of the elements I would bring to your workplace.

In Teams

I have extensive experience on teams, as well as in the role of team leader. I co-founded a student organization called SO DARIE and before that was the head of student activities in my senior year. I have a background in project management and am in the process to receive a certification from the Project Management Institute. I am organized and detailed-oriented. I am enthusiastic about opportunities to participate on and build teams.

On The Computer

While I focus on film, I have a number of different creative outlets. This also means I am comfortable on a number of different platforms. These include the Adobe Creative Cloud as well as numerous audio and design interfaces. I am also comfortable handling professional video and audio equipment.

Ideation and Brainstorms

Project Management

Brand Development

Adobe CreativeCloud

Graphic Design

Written Communication


Freelance Filmmaker

All The Jobs | 2015 - Present

I love meeting new people and sharing ideas. Through freelance productions, I have been able to work with incredible organizations and build important skills and knowledge. I create branded, specialized content to fit their needs. This involves a combination of film production and project management skills, balancing client needs with time and resources.

Rosco Films

Production Assistant | 2016 - Present

Being a production assistant means doing what needs to be done. I have gained valuable on-set experience, while working on diverse teams to enact a shared vision. This has also led to further opportunities. I was invited to write a project with the head of Rosco Films, and together we have developed a television pilot and a short film.


but that's not all I can do...


Partnered with Foodland to create a unique, screen-based experience that promotes food donations to local charities while sharing the personal stories of those in needs.

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Costumize is a customizable, online costume retailer. I worked with the client to develop their brand identity and to build multiple brand touch-points. These included a website, a mobile application and an augmented-reality experience.

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